Riddhi & Revika's Featuring a cross over lemon yellow crop-top with navy blue floral motifs and ..
INR - Rs. 6,200

Riddhi & Revika's features Lemon yellow midi dress with hot pink floral motifs. Featuring a..
INR - Rs. 18,800

Riddhi & Revika's features Light pink midi dress with multi-colour floral motifs. Featuring..
INR - Rs. 22,000

Riddhi & Revika's features Mint green midi dress with peach floral motifs.Featuring a round..
INR - Rs. 18,800

Riddhi & Revika's features Olive green midi dress with peach floral motifs. Featuring ..
INR - Rs. 19,800

Riddhi & Revika's features Orange midi dress with navy blue floral motifs.Featuring an off ..
INR - Rs. 21,000

Riddhi & Revika'sFeaturing a halter neck peach crop-top with plum floral motifs and a front cuto..
INR - Rs. 8,600

Riddhi & Revika's features Powder blue midi dress with light pink floral motifs. Featu..
INR - Rs. 19,500

Riddhi & Revika's Purple peplum dress with red floral motifs.Featuring a sleevless purple peplum..
INR - Rs. 10,000

Riddhi & Revika's Red front cutout crop-top and white midi skirt with red floral motifs. Fe..
INR - Rs. 16,200

Riddhi & Revika's Featuring a sleeveless rust crop-top with black floral motifs. It has a round ..
INR - Rs. 6,500

Riddhi & Revika's features Rust crop-top with navy blue floral motifs. It has button closur..
INR - Rs. 5,400

Riddhi & Revika's Black & White Co-ordinates features Rust sleeveless crop-top and midi skir..
INR - Rs. 14,500

Riddhi & Revika's Featuring a white crop-top with multi- colour floral motifs and has a sheer ba..
INR - Rs. 9,000

Riddhi & Revika's Features a sleeveless round neck white crop-top with plum floral mot..
INR - Rs. 7,400

Riddhi & Revika's features White scallop hem short dress with black floral motifs. It has b..
INR - Rs. 12,000