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Subarna Ray
Subarna Ray

Urban women needs to visualize sarees in a form which is a mix of two worlds the urban and vintage world . Sarees have to make you feel comfortable with sustainability which can be chosen from any organic fabric or handloom my collection is based on that this summer .

Sarees can be perceived as a form of art on your body so don't restrict yourself with same pattern blouses let us just enjoy blouses with European influence , quirky t shirts, sports bra or a cut blazer and also give a vintage touch too. Subarna's sarees this season speaks about all that. Fabric used here are organic cotton, handloom from Bangladesh, Bengal, jharkhand , and also Ahmadabad. Fabric like muslin , mulberry silk , matka silk , tussar silk , muslin kota , khadi silk and khesh have been used.

"Pattern sari is one I wanted to invent like for e.g khadi silk saree with owl moon and stars embroidered on it is a sari where the pallu part I have attached on side of the sari to give a layered sari look and the blouse piece attaches to the sari I have converted that to pallu with embroideries. So the point is to play with sari and change the total look of it" says Subarna .

This collection also has Victorian pettycoats with 18th century influence on sarees just to give sari a vintage gown look she has seen such portraits in old zamindar houses in burdwan where women would copy the British ladies .

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  1. Black Woven Ruffled Top
  2. The Vegan Saree
    The Vegan Saree
  3. The Umbrella Saree
  4. Swan Saree
    Swan Saree
  5. The red stripes Saree
  6. The pink stripes Saree
  7. The pink pineapple Saree
  8. The Ocean Rocks Saree
  9. The Khesh Saree
    The Khesh Saree
  10. The Gypsy Saree
    The Gypsy Saree
  11. The Grey Sky Saree
  12. The Green Marble Saree
  13. The Classic Day Saree
  14. The Blue Tassels Saree
  15. The Black Tie Saree
  16. The Bindi Saree
    The Bindi Saree
  17. Stars in the day Saree
  18. Red white & Blue Saree
  19. Moss Flowers Saree
  20. Midnight Blue Saree
  21. Mickey Mouse Saree
  22. Maple Leaf Saree
    Maple Leaf Saree
  23. Jasmine Saree
    Jasmine Saree
  24. Ice Blue Ducks and Swans Saree
  25. Hugs and Kisses Saree
  26. Half Tribal Saree
    Half Tribal Saree
  27. Green Grass
    Green Grass
  28. Ruffled Top
    Ruffled Top
  29. Eastern Weave Saree
  30. Checks & Prints Saree
  31. Cats & Pigeons Saree
  32. Black Knit Blouse
  33. Brick Red Saree
    Brick Red Saree
  34. Monsoon Wrap Saree
  35. Knife Pleated Blouse
Grid List

35 Items

Set Descending Direction