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Siddhartha Bansal
Siddhartha Bansal
Based in Delhi, offering fashion merchandise domestic and internationally. A multi-disciplinary design studio, where we weaves stories to an experience. We develops visionary concept into design futher onto clothing.

We are determined to bring individualistic ideas to the forefront, marrying whimsical styling with old fashioned design.
Inspired from the day to day, mundane stuff around, to add a plunge of quirk in each life, with our fun cloting with an hiden social message.
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  1. Chiffon Flower Gathered Dress
  2. Tie & Dye Organza Dress with a Satin Slip
  3. Flower Tafetta Dress
  4. Moss Crepe Frilled Gathered Dress
  5. Wrapped Frilled Skirt
  6. Tafetta Ankle Length Dress
  7. Crepe Pleated Skirt
  8. Embroidered Thread Work Top
  9. Soft Printed Trouser
  10. Moss Crepe Gathered Dress
  11. Red Marble Front Open Dress
  12. Crepe and Organza Marble Dress
  13. Pink Tie Dye Neck Bow Top
  14. Red Marble Hi-low Top
  15. Taffeta Marble Top
  16. Blue Marble Gathered Chiffon Dress
  17. Blue Tie Dye Organza Dress with a Satin Slip
  18. Mint Green Off shoulder Blouse
  19. Blue Marble Layered Skirt
  20. Blue Marbled Gathered Top
  21. Blue Embroidered Crop Top
  22. Blue Marbled Crepe Pleated Skirt
Grid List

22 Items

Set Descending Direction