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Founded in 2018 by Shaka Bhat and Sipika Bhat, brand SHAKA metamorphoses the luxury handbag with a unique re-engineering of its interiors and exteriors. It finds the sweet spot between versatile functionality and high-quality luxury to fill the humungous gap that exists in the hangbag segment.


SHAKA handbags bring order to the chaos that is a woman’s handbag. With its organised interiors, it offers solutions to carry everything that a lady wants – from laptops, phones and chargers to makeup, books and car keys. The systematic compartments, designed for safety and space, are inspired from the Bhat sisters’ own experiences of never having a handbag that understood them.


All SHAKA handbags are ergonomically designed to facilitate the on-the-go lifestyles of the women who carry them. They are made from only the best full grain leather, with international level quality for durability. Reinforcements, linings and threads used with precision make every Shaka handbag a piece of quality art.


All designs are by Shaka Bhat, who is an experienced lifestyle professional with a deep understanding of what women desire from one of their most important accessories. They are manufactured at their state-of-the-art facility at Kolkata, handcrafted to perfection by its team of experienced manufaturing craftsmen. The SHAKA team has a combined experience of over 100 years, bringing finesse to every handbag that bears its name.

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  1. Cubic Claire Shark Tank
  2. Cubic Claire Tan
    Cubic Claire Tan
  3. Cubic Claire Bottle Green
  4. Cubic Claire Black
  5. Composed She Bottle Green
  6. Composed She Beige
  7. Composed She Black Damsel
  8. Carefree 3 Corporate Bottle Green
  9. Carefree 3 Beige
    Carefree 3 Beige
  10. Carefree 3 Black Damsel
  11. Everyday Robust Beige
  12. Everyday Robust Bottle Green
  13. Everyday Robust Tan
  14. Everyday Robust Black
  15. Tantalizing Tote Beige
  16. Tantalizing Tote Bottle Green
  17. Tantalizing Tote Tan
  18. Tantalizing Tote Black
  19. Uptown Sling Beige
  20. Uptown Sling Bottle Green
  21. Uptown Sling Tan
    Uptown Sling Tan
  22. Uptown Sling Black
  23. Ultra Swish Bottle Green
  24. Ultra Swish Tan
    Ultra Swish Tan
  25. Ultra Swish Beige
  26. Smooth Zipper Bottle Green Wristlet
  27. Smooth Zipper Tan Wristlet
  28. Neat Folds Beige Wristlet
  29. Neat Folds Black Wristlet
Grid List

29 Items

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