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Neeta Ramrakhani is a fashion jewelry brand from Jaipur brings forth some sauve designs for the modern women.Nitaara embraces all types of contemporary jewelry namely necklaces, earrings, studs, rings, bracelets ,chokers for varying occasions.

Every jewelry piece that we present to our customers is gold plated and e-coated. This makes them resistant against tarnishing which help them last longer than the usual jewelry.

With great detail, we use ornamental and decorative items to garnish each jewelry piece with perfection and brilliance. Through the use of modernized technological tools, we confirm the high degree finesse and excellence in our jewelry that reflects our attitude towards amelioration and excellence.

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33 Items

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  1. The pure love
    The pure love
  2. The stardom love earrings
  3. Swing evil eye earrings
  4. The Bonny love
  5. Fun-key evil eye shoulder dusters
  6. The exotic love
    The exotic love
  7. Twilight waterfall earrings
  8. The passionate love choker
  9. Pearl Chandbalis
    Pearl Chandbalis
  10. The tantalising love earrings
  11. Tassle Damroo Ring
  12. The affectionate love
  13. The twist love earrings
  14. The Meow Love earrings
  15. midnight waterfall earrings
  16. The crystal grace earrings
  17. The vivid love choker
  18. The dream love earrings
  19. Debonair shoulder dusters
  20. The enchanted love earrings
  21. calci waterfall earrings
  22. The mystic love neckpiece
  23. Pendulum evil eye jewellery
  24. The love triangle earrings
  25. The Little Charm Ring
  26. The deep love handcuff
  27. Regal charm studs.
  28. The obsessive love earrings
  29. Cocktail Ring
    Cocktail Ring
  30. The self love
    The self love
  31. The grand love earrings
  32. The cocktail love earrings
  33. Blossom evil -eye earrings
Grid List

33 Items

Set Descending Direction