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Altering the costumed and restrictive silhouettes from the 1800s into silhouettes that feel romantic, bohemian and poetic.Designs with a private appeal, a way to dress for yourself instead of others.Designs that straddles both femininity and hardworking practicality.The last revival of this style was the late 1960’s to early ’70s when feminism was also in high gear.

To carry the idea of a frontier woman, we hoped to mix that strength with styles that are covered up, dainty and restrained. Prairie chic style declares a whole new breed of pioneer women contradicting restrictions of the past.

Taking elements symbolic of restraint and repression - high collars, voluminous sleeves and giving them a modern inflexion.There is a modesty to this collection with silk dresses and blouses with high necks and long billow sleeves also inspired by the refined sensuality of the Victorian era.

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24 Items

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  1. Coral clay wideleg pants
  2. Coral clay tailored jacket
  3. Coral rose asymmetric dress
  4. Rose quartz embroidered slip dress
  5. Rose quartz asymmetric dress
  6. Ruby pants
    Ruby pants
  7. ruby tailored jacket
  8. Ditsy print asymmetric dress
  9. Ditsy print summer blouse
  10. Ditsy print summer pants
  11. Ditsy front  buttoned  blouse
  12. Ditsy print wide-leg  pants
  13. Ditsy print asymmetric skirt
  14. Sunkissed floral asymmetric skirt
  15. Sunkissed floral straight- leg pants
  16. Sunkissed floral asymmetric dress
  17. sunkissed floral mini dress
  18. Sunkissed floral  summer blouse
  19. Sunkissed pink flare pants
  20. Dahlia mini dress
  21. Dahlia kimono robe
  22. Dahlia wide-leg pants
  23. Dahlia summer blouse
  24. Summer foliage summer blouse
Grid List

24 Items

Set Descending Direction