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Gemy Maalouf
Gemy Maalouf

Gemy Maalouf’s aim is to allow women to reconnect to their femininity and rediscover their joy, beauty and elegance through the clothes .The design house intends to create high-end wear that highlights the glamorous side of women through unique tailoring but also allows them to express themselves and their independent styles and tastes .

Gemy Maalouf prides herself on dressing women in such a way that manages to empower them whilst embracing their femininity. As reinvention, and redefinition of our own identity is s o important, Gemy Maalouf the brand is there to cater to the diverse needs, wants and styles
of the modern woman, without losing the cons is tently unique touch that keeps their signature style in place.

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  1. Pleated and dotted tulle corset Co-ordinates
  2. One Shoulder Bellshape Gown
  3. Beaded Corset Pleated Gown
  4. Off Shoulder Pink Gown
  5. Bell Shaped Black Lace Gown
  6. Floral laced top paired with wideleg crepe pants
  7. Illusioned V-neck gown
  8. Gold Beaded Gown
    Gold Beaded Gown
  9. Floral Laced Jumpsuit
  10. Asymmetrical cross over crepe top with Skirt
  11. Floral laced fitted gown and unbalanced sleeves
  12. Bejeweled White Bodice Gown with a Slit
  13. Long crepe blazer Dress with a Tulle Tail
  14. Beaded top with crepe sailor collar & Pants
  15. Silk Jacquard organza gown
  16. Embroidered Silk Organza Dress
  17. Structural Off Shoulder Gown
  18. Lace Body Fit Gown with a Guipure Back
  19. Structural Off Shoulder Hi-Low Gown
  20. Squared collar Orange Gown
  21. Dramatic Ruffled Lace Gown
  22. Asymmetrical cross over crepe top with Pants
  23. Squared collar dress
  24. Beaded Flared Blue Gown
  25. Floral guipure jumpsuit
  26. Beaded top with crepe sailor collar & Skirt
  27. Floral lace gown
    Floral lace gown
  28. Bejeweled Black Bodice Gown
  29. V-neck collar over a guipure wrapped Gown
Grid List

29 Items

Set Descending Direction