Winter is right around the corner and trying to stay warm AS WELL AS look fashionable at the same time is definitely a gamble; some get it right, while the others juggle around with what they have and find it rather hard to come up with an outfit that is stylish, cozy yet flattering at the same time. This is where Layering comes into play!

Layering revolves around pairing different kind of clothes to create a cozy, bundled up and a thrown-together look that seems effortless, yet stylish and fashionable at the same time. In theory and on paper, layering may seem like a simple task: add a sweater over a coloured tank top or a blazer to a dress. Putting the above into practice is relatively easy, but if you wish to take things to a whole new level, have a look at a few tricks and tips on how to layer your clothes!


Mixing two different patterns is generally considered to be a difficult task to pull off, because you rarely find prints that compliment each other. Experimenting with unfamiliar prints is A-OK! But you have to be super cautious with what you experiment with, as layering too many prints at once would add some unwanted chaos to your outfit.


It’s relatively easy to style a leather jacket. Call it a clever styling trick or an easy attempt to pull off a well polished look; a leather jacket always fits the brief. You can take even the simplest of items in your closet and make it look high fashion, only by adding a leather jacket to it! Now we do know that a good leather jacket could involve a huge investment, or even a splurge of some sort. But if you wish to avoid that, you could invest in a faux leather jacket as well. Pair it up with a printed scarf and some aviators and you’re good to go!


It’s official! Capes ARE the new jackets. A cape by its very nature is alluring, mysterious and stylish, and is the best alternative for a coat. Wearing a cape with the right outfit can elevate your outfit in seconds, but it’s also a bit of a challenge as only a handful of people get it right.


Nothing screams winter like an oversized sweater. These are considered to be the most
representative fashion pieces for this time of the year. Cool, cozy, stylish AND easy to pull off; these oversized sweaters can take winter-style to the whole new level! Pair them up with long boots or heels or a leather jacket and you’re good to go!


Using oversized scarves also creates the illusion of layering! Oversized wool or cashmere scarves are the best tools for creating an illusion of layers even if you’re not wearing many. The bigger, the better – drape it over your shoulders or neck, use a belt to create a silhouette, or just let it cascade down and flow around your body. If it’s the same shade as your coat or blazer, it adds a depth to the layered look, if it’s different, it adds some interesting contrast.